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This is a quick summary of all the tweaks handed down from generation to generation (aka found on the Internet), that I applied to a fresh Lion install to get it into a usable state.

Turn firewall on

Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, then click the lock. Now you can start the firewall via the Start button. Also, click on Advanced... and then check Enable stealth mode.

Turn off Autocorrect

Go to System Preferences > Language & Text > Text, then uncheck Correct spelling automatically.

Trackpad tweaks

Go to System Preferences -> Trackpad, then uncheck Scroll direction: natural.

Terminal tweaks

Start a new terminal, then open the preferences.


  • Select Pro, then click Default at the bottom.
  • On the left, click Change next to font and select 14pt font size.
  • Check Antialias text.
  • Uncheck Use bold fonts.


Go to the Window tab, then enter 120 in the Columns input field.


Go to the Keyboard tab. Select the first entry control cursor left, then click Edit at the bottom
Delete the last three characters via the Delete one character button, then add a single b (the result should be 33b). Do the same with control cursor right and f so that you get 33f. These two changes give you Control+Left cursor/Right cursor for going to the previous/next word (quite useful for SSH, for instance).

Check Use option as meta key.

Other stuff

On the Advanced tab, uncheck Audible bell and possibly Visual bell.

Use function keys instead of feature keys

Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard, then check Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.

Re-enable key repeat

In a terminal, enter this:

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false 

Then go to System Preferences -> Keyboard, then move the sliders for Key Repeat and Delay Until Repeat both to the rightmost setting.

Finally, restart the computer.

Disable the new window animation

In a terminal, enter this:

defaults write NSGlobalDomain NSAutomaticWindowAnimationsEnabled -bool NO 

Mission Control tweaks

Go to System Preferences -> Mission Control, then uncheck Show Dashboard as a space and Automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use.

Go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts, then select Spotlight. Double click the key binding for Show Spotlight window and press Shift+Command+Space.

Now, select Mission Control. Double click the key binding for Mission Control and press Option+Command+Space.

Double click the key binding for Move left a space and then press Option+Command+Left cursor. Similarly, for Move right a space, use Option+Command+Right cursor.
This will enable OptionLeft cursor/Right cursor for jumping between words (in addition to the ControlLeft cursor/Right cursor that we set up above).

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July 30, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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